Vibe Medical

A unique tool for improving patient running assessment.

Clinical Use Case

  • Medical professionals worldwide are using low cost sensor technology such as accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide more comprehensive data on their patients to enable better clinical outcomes in patient treatment. 
  • Enables in clinic measurement of the effect of suggested gait changes for both injury prevention\rehab and running efficiency improvements for the sports physician.
  • Enables the clinician to assist the runner in selecting a better running shoe Shoe – runVIBE gives immediate feedback on how a particular shoes features such as weight, heel lift, midsole material and other construction particulars influence the efficiency of that runner. Lower power values indicate a shoe which may be better for the runners particular style.

Injury Treatment

Recent research has identified a relationship between peak braking forces and injury. runVIBE may assist in providing visibility of this key factor and aid in assisting the practioner in assisting the runner with injury prevention and treatment.

runVibe Capture

  • A microsoft windows application which captures and saves the patients treadmill analysis to a file for clinical analysis and historical records.
  • captures running economy/power, peak tibial shock, ground contact time and maximum center of mass velocity of the patient.
  • Connects to the runVibe sensor using Bluetooth.