runVIbe Prevent

Monitor your tissue load and lessen the risk of injury

Injury Prevention

Running injury prevention is all about slowly increasing the robustness of the muscles, tendons, and bones so they are better able to tolerate the stresses of running as you move towards your goal.

Learning to Run

Running may seem natural, but it is certainly not simple.

Most of us lack the years of history and training that set our bodies up physically and neurologically to run efficiently and effectively.

runVIBE gives you the tools in one simple metric, to measure the load you are placing on your body every step of the way.

It will tell you how your body is feeling and will remind you to not do more than you are capable of.


Adapting to Run

runVIBE’s goal is to give you instant information so you can maximise your body’s ability to adapt before you injure. Prevention is about increasing strength, tolerance, resilience and robustness.