your VIBE signature

Your Unique Running Pattern Captured

What is a running signature ?

Every runner has a technique which is unique and is the outcome of both our individual biological makeup and the neurological patterns, that drive our motion, which we have imprinted through training.

runVIBE uses multiple small sensors ( accelerometers and gyroscopes) which capture hundreds of individual measurements every second. These measurements can be plotted on a graph and represent each unique individuals running pattern.

As can be seen, while runner “A” and runner “B” have similar waveforms there are distinctive differences which contributes to each individuals style and these differences are directly related to the running efficiency differences between average and elite runners. 

Runner “A” – running signature

Runner “B” – running signature

An adaptive algorithm for your unique running pattern

the runVIBE mathematical algorithm adapts to your individual running signature to ensure the correct points are located amongst the thousands of measured values, to provide an accurate assessment of your running efficiency. 

This ensures that as you improve your technique, runVIBE adapts with you to ensure consistent results can be achieved for comparison during your running journey.

The Running Signature – Improve and Accelerate

Only runVIBE combines your unique running signature into a single metric which you can use to improve your running technique and accelerate your progress in achieving your goals.